Our Partners

NeoXam’s partners complete the capacity of our solutions with best-of-breed systems within the best of hybrid operating model.

Raise PartnerRaise Partner for Risk Management

Raise Partner provides investment risk management solutions to institutional investors, private banks and online investment platforms based on our unique quantitative expertise in cross-asset class risk modelling and robust portfolio optimization.

NeoXam delivers Raise Partner risk management solution, WallRisk, within the Best of Hybrid operating model, in integration with one of NeoXam’s portfolio management systems: NeoXam Manager or NeoXam Tracker3. NeoXam and Raise Partner allow users to better analyze the Value at Risk and optimize their investment scenarios.

For more information on how to manage risk as an asset management firm, please click here.


TradingScreen®TradingScreen for FIX Connectivity

TradingScreen® is a global provider of electronic trading solutions. Through the innovative use of technology, TradingScreen® delivers a proven execution management platform and a global network to access any market, any counterparty and trade any financial instrument, anywhere.

The TradingScreen Connectivity solution can be plugged with NeoXam’s front office solutions for order and execution management services.

To learn more on NeoXam’s front-office solutions, please click here.

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