NeoXam, a leading financial software company specializing in solutions and services for the buy-side and sell-side, is dedicated to ensuring its clients' success.

Our values define both our products and our commitments.

Adaptability, Reliability, Transparency


  • Adaptability:  Our solutions adjust to the vast range of specific changes of the financial industry, and serve a range of market players: from local firms to the largest global players. NeoXam demonstrates its adaptability in responding to the commercial and legal obligations of our clients, as well as to their needs, both in terms of support and advice. Thus, 10 000 users work on NeoXam's solutions worldwide. 
  • Reliability:  Our secured solutions allow financial firms to improve their efficiency and ensure stable daily production. NeoXam is committed day after day to delivering its projects on time and on budget, at the right cost. Thanks to its reliability, more than $14 trillion worth of assets are processed on average per day using our products.
  • Transparency:  Our solutions have been specifically designed to illustrate the story behind the financial figures thanks to audit-trailed solutions. NeoXam makes a point at being completely transparent in order to build on-going and strong relationships with all of its clients. In this way, NeoXam has succeeded in building a network of over 150 client firms, based in 25 countries worldwide.

Expertise, Experience, Excellence

We are a start-up which relies on 25 years' expertise, serving 150+ customers, thus combining innovation and experience. These are the two keys for investing in the future: between IT disruption and business evolutions, buy- and sell-side players must adapt to a world in deep transformation. We help them become the best they can be today, so that they are the champions of tomorrow's finance.


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