Our Vision

We are proud to have founded a model which incorporates both flexibility and reliability.

To address the multiple challenges currently faced by the financial industry due to increasing complexity, NeoXam created the Best of Hybrid model.

The Best of Hybrid approach includes the advantages of both Best of Breed (agility, full coverage, little to no delays) and Integrated Solutions (native STPs, easier and less costly integration, consistency) models, while discarding their disadvantages. We mix the best of both worlds, leveraging companies’ current IT infrastructure which they have already invested in, and further increasing their potential to adapt faster to new challenges, delivering projects on time and on budget.

NeoXam has anticipated the changes in the industry and created the Best of Hybrid model to allow financial institutions to have access to financial information on a more consistent and optimized basis, with or without the full NeoXam range of software.

$ trillion in Assets



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We are committed to the future, combining innovation and pragmatism.

One third of NeoXam’s staff work for the R&D and product division to ensure our software range evolve to offer new features, a better customer experience and digitalization options to meet the upcoming financial challenges and evolutions.

The innovative goal of NeoXam is to suggest a new data-centric operating model to make better investment decisions and protect capital.

We continue to grow each day thanks to the satisfaction of our clients and the professionalism of our team.

Our approach is customer-centric to accompany the growth and challenges of the asset managers or capital markets professionals and also, answer to the IT questions of our customers and ensure upgrades as smooth as possible.

The dedication and expertise of NeoXam’s teams have been recognized by several customers and is generally appreciated in the industry. For instance, the consulting and product teams, who were involved in the delivery of the new CACEIS accounting platform, allowed the European leading asset servicing banking group to go live on its next generation accounting system in 14 months only!

Close to 400 people work daily at NeoXam with the committed spirit whereas they work as product developers, salespeople or corporate servicers. 

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