We bring our vision and history to the service of the Buy-Side and Sell-Side.

A start-up with 25 years’ experience.

NeoXam is a global financial software company specializing in solutions and services for the buy-side and sell-side. We automate complex processes which are at the heart of our clients' industries, enabling them to improve their competitiveness, better serve their clients and further manage their growth. 

$ trillion in Assets

Our Goal

The buy-side industry is facing various challenges: searching for returns in new asset classes such as real estate, private equity or loands; facing increasing regulatory pressure; leading or evolving with the concentration of industry players; improving customer experience; controlling costs; and focusing on core competencies. Asset Managers are required to run their companies more efficiently with seamless evolutions and change their companies through innovation. NeoXam addresses these challenges through a new Best of Hybrid delivery logic and an innovative 3-layered Data Centric Operating Model.


Our Background

In two years, the company has increased revenue by 40%, signed more than 25 deals and hired over 100 employees. NeoXam now counts 150+ clients and employs close to 500 employees. With an outstanding product and a dream team, the company provides global solutions to an increasing number of global players. 

Founded by industry experts and IT specialists, NeoXam’s software solutions have been successfully deployed since the early 90s: first in Europe, and then in other regions (USA, Middle East, South Africa and Asia). On January 31, 2014, NeoXam officially acquired GP3 and Decalog via a carve-out from the US-based software solutions provider SunGard (now part of FIS). NeoXam is owned by Blackfin Capital Partners and private investors led by Serge Delpla, CEO of NeoXam.

From October 2014 to June 2015, NeoXam took over the operating control of 3 software companies: Density Technologies, specializing in front-to-back office software solutions; Nexfi, a software provider specializing in complex fund management; and SmartCo, an innovative Enterprise Data Management software company.


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