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NeoXam designs and develops software solutions for asset management and capital markets firms. We ensure that the entire financial value chain is covered: from asset management, data management and the front office, right through to the back office. Through its combined talents, collaborative approach and its seamless “Best of Hybrid” model, NeoXam helps investment management and capital markets firms to address the multiple challenges of the global financial market community, better serve their clients and grow. 

Our wide range of technologies and the complexity of our projects provided by our clients create challenges that our teams enjoy resolving together, in France and internationally. This momentum is an ideal tool for providing diverse career paths and opportunities.

Come and discover our cross-divisional professions, products and international teams and how they share knowledge and continuously grow

Discover our job roles and functional domains.

Business Development

  • Pre-Sales
    Our Pre-Sales Consultant’s primary role is to deliver the product’s business and technical features, with the core objective of successfully supporting the sales organization. They actively contribute to NeoXam’s growth and development. This position requires experience in financial software and, depending on the type of NeoXam solution, also a strong technical background. 
  • Sales
    • Inside Sales : our Inside Sales team drives the detection, development and delivery of qualified sales leads (solutions/services) to field sales. They manage lead generation campaigns targeting multiple software solutions and/or territories, gather market intelligence and develop marketing materials. 
    • Sales Management : our Sales Executives manage sales activities in a dedicated area for solutions including generating new business, developing add-on business from a selected customer portfolio as well as reflecting input activity in NeoXam sales and prospecting tools. The Sales Executive role is a great opportunity to interact with a challenging marketplace and learn more about financial services as well as build strong business relationships with financial institutions.

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Functional Analysis / Product & Strategy

  • Product Management & Strategy
    • Product Management : our Product Managers deploy their expertise in a range of products and manage the development of the product range, in close cooperation with the technical and sales teams. Their objective is to boost NeoXam’s offering and make it profitable. To achieve this, they will need to study opportunities to launch new products or adapt existing ones. The Product Managers contribute to analytic and decision-making approaches to the Sales team for Business Development, and to the R&D team for the development of products. Finally, they analyze the market, client expectations, competitors, existing products… in order to define NeoXam’s products from design through to marketing.
  • Project Management
    The Project Management team supervises the coordination of one or more projects with one or two customers. Their versatile role is to supervise the different people involved and to follow project steering in accordance with the service contracts that were sold, the functional analyses produced and the solutions deployed with our customers.
    Our Project Managers contribute to analytic and decision-making approaches, reporting to the Sales department for steering the development activity of the Business, and to the Project and IT Management departments for on-going and future deployments. They can contribute to the development of service offers and report on market return, client expectations, competitors, existing products deployed… in order to assist NeoXam in developing its commercial offering. Being at ease with customer relationships and having good coordination skills is essential for this function. 
  • Business Analysis
    The role of our Business Analysts is to functionally design software applications. To achieve this, they must analyze and formalize user-customer needs in order to propose the best possible adapted solutions. They act as an interface with the customer for the requirement definition phase, during the pre-discussions, and up to the functional definition. Our Business Analysts have sound technical and functional expertise, as well as good customer relations skills.

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R&D / Development

Our design and development process is based on a wide range of technologies (java, J2EE, C++, python, .NET, web technologies angular, react, ETL, oracle, sybase, SQLserver,…) agile scrum methods and continuous integration.
As we continuously improve, we are able to respond to numerous technical challenges, ensuring that our qualified staff are at the heart of our development strategy.

Almost 200 employees based in France, Tunisia and China are focused on R&D innovation which jointly contributes to our solid experience and expertise, both technical and functional.

  • Development  - Software Engineering
    • Functional & Technical Software Development  
      Based on an analysis of user needs and a functional and technical study of architectural choices, our Functional Developers create the detailed specifications (technical and/or functional), help to choose the appropriate technology and designs, then develop the application within a set timescale.
      In addition, our Technical Developers will help to achieve the detailed technical specification phase and will carry out the programming of the solution using the chosen technologies, while respecting deadlines and pre-defined quality standards (coding, documentation, quality, performance …).
    • ​Functional & Technical Architect : our Functional & Technical Architects approve the prototypes that have been developed before their go-live or delivery, using their development skills, integration, testing tools and platforms. They must ensure that the application conforms to customer specifications, will not deteriorate the customer’s information system, and can be used with any computer equipment configuration, in all forms.
    • Scrum Master
    • Product Owner
  • Testing & Quality Engineering
    • Test Engineer : our Test Engineers, with their development skills, use platforms and test tools to test and approve the software and develop products before they are put into production or development received by the customer. The objective is to ensure that the application can be used for all hardware configurations and, in all cases, should be included for use in the test plan.
    • Quality Engineer : the Quality Engineer is the guarantor of the quality policy. He/she helps the R&D or Production/Operations Manager define and draft the Quality method policy and assists in planning objectives, defining resources and monitoring indicators.

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Consulting / Professional Services

About 150 Consultants worldwide are in charge of the functional and technical implementation of our various NeoXam solutions, client project management and application support. 

  • Consulting - Functional Implementation
    Our Functional Implementation Consultants develop and set up new functionalities, new application software components and/or developments requested by the customer, in accordance with internal standards and procedures for software development and those of the customer’s information systems. They may also work on the pre-sales phases and/or in close cooperation with the Business Analyst at the customer’s site, in the pre-signature stage for new contracts or initial studies. Requirements for this kind of versatile and challenging role are a sound understanding of different financial instruments and a strong technical background (procedural language, good basic proficiency in SQL…). 
  • Consulting - Technical Implementation
    For the technical implementation of our solutions with the client, we have a team of Technical Implementation Consultants. They are in charge of supporting our clients on the one hand and our internal projects on the other hand, in terms of technical expertise and realizing the technical deployment of NeoXam’s solutions.
  • Consulting – Project Management
    Our Project Management Consultants manage and deploy one or several projects, from the signing of the contract to production launch. They can transversally also be responsible for several of NeoXam’s solutions and services.
  • Consulting – Run Services   
    Lastly, our Run Services team ensures resourceful and on-time application support by diagnosing and providing a solution to meet the request of our external customers worldwide.They intervene in technical and functional areas being in charge of the after-sales relationship with our customers and managing interfaces with the support, development and sales departments.  

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IT Operations & Infrastructure

  • User IT Support
  • Systems & Networks
  • Database Administration
  • DevOps - Software Factory & Continuous Integration
    The Software Integration team ensures the continuous integration of developments, additions, changes and corrections of a defined set (version/release) with a breadth of technologies that allow growing Software Development teams’ overall efficiency and effectiveness. They are in charge of the daily-basis deployment of the application and its database on multi-technology environments. Finally, they also produce delivery tools for the final release packaging and the software updates.

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Corporate Services

  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Finance & Accounting

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