Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition

NeoXam DataHub offers numerous ready-to-use connectors that allow the acquisition, reconciliation and verification (DQC) of raw data from several suppliers and to obtain silver data. New data sources and types of data can easily be added in a matter of minutes using the built-in graphical mapping tool as well as the numerous supported protocols.

Key Benefits

Automatic checks

NeoXam DataHub can perform numerous checks automatically applying a range of statistical algorithms (e.g. Levenshtein and LVM), relieving teams of this tedious task and speeding up the availability of data for the various consumers, thus improving data quality.


Reduce acquisition costs by connecting your data management tool to multiple sources autonomously and without ever entering a single line of code.


With NeoXam DataHub, you can combine multiple acquisition sources. This, coupled with the derivation and prioritization of data from suppliers, ensures that you always offer the best data to your consumers.

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