Data Domains


To meet the requirements of the most demanding users and clients, NeoXam DataHub is organized into Data Domains, each covering a predefined set of data. Each Data Domain contains its own specific connectors, data model, business rules and user interfaces. The Data Domains are designed to work together, and can even share data. They can also use – or be used by – specific Data Domains, providing a robust and effective data management system.

Data Domains

Securities Master Files

The Securities Master File is structured to manage all types of securities including shares, bonds, derivatives and private equity, etc.

Funds & Mandates

Funds & Mandates is designed to host any data relating to funds and mandates, from their description and legal information to their respective sub-funds or marketable media.

Business Entities

Business Entities is designed to store all third parties operating in the financial servces sector, from issuers to customers. These are all managed at the legal entity level, and can be assigned multiple roles.

Index & Benchmarks

Index & Benchmarks is designed not only to manage all market indices including their components, values and coefficients, but also allows users to recalculate the different indices by creating custom rules based on their respective weighting methods.

Corporate Actions

Corporate Actions can manage over 50 TSOs, from payments such as dividends and interest to events such as name changes and mergers, and offers extensive expansion capabilities.


ESG is designed to manage all types of ESG types of data, raw indicators and scores, enabling both regulatory compliance requirements (SFDR) and data research capability.

Key Benefits

Plug ’n’ Play

Built on NeoXam’s expertise, DataHub includes a set of pre-configured Data Domains designed to reduce implementation time, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

100% Flexible

All templates, business rules and screens are fully adaptable to fit your needs. Increase efficiency by reusing templates or enjoy the freedom of starting from a blank page.


Whatever your specific needs, you can graphically design connectors, data models and create business rules directly within the NeoXam DataHub thanks to its dedicated functionalities.

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