Data Persistency

Data Persistency

Actions performed on sensitive data are never destructive. When any changes are made, a new version of the data is created and added. Through the audit trail, the history of recorded values can be viewed and even restored at any time.

For time series, the audit trail is enhanced by BiTemporal Data, giving you the power to track the history of each point in any given series. Each point is represented by its effective date, whose value history can be examined and compared with the observation date.

NeoXam DataHub uses metadata recorded by its data lineage engine to keep track of the origin of data. This allows users not only to trace back to the data provider, but also to record all manual or automatic derivations, changes and transformations performed on the data concerned.

Key Benefits


Compatible with Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLServer, NeoXam DataHub is designed to integrate perfectly with your infrastructure whatever your database engine and no matter the types of data used by your business.

Versioning system

Spread out the workload and optimize your organization thanks to its versioning system that allows you to work on future data and distribute them when needed.

Data Security

Its secure data persistence feature means you can enjoy native compatibility with regulatory requirements simply by identifying sensitive data.

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