NeoXam Impress Reporting Solution

Our Impress Reporting solution

NeoXam Impress is designed to help investment companies with their reporting requirements: for customers, marketing, and the regulator. The solution covers the whole of the report production process: data management (acquisition, quality, enrichment), the calculation of regulatory metrics and ratios, templating (layout, style), report generation in the expected formats, and distribution. The whole production process is automatized with personalized workflows and monitoring (quality, compliance with SLA) is made easier by access to dashboards.

The offer is available in three standard packages, each addressing a type of requirement identified on the market:

– Client Edition: Solution for generating information sheets on funds, key documents for the investor, and marketing support

– Digital Edition: Digital reporting solution for analyzing performance and portfolio risks

– Regulatory Edition: Solution for generating central bank statistics, legal reports, and financial reports required by the regulator

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