The scope of services for asset servicers has broadened. Their clients require increasingly complex products, instruments and vehicles of the alternative asset management landscape while at the same time improving operational effectiveness and controlling costs.

Asset servicers

With a downward trend of mainstream asset returns, investment strategies are evolving across the asset management sector, and fund managers are diversifying into alternative asset classes for finding new sources of alpha.

Facing both budgetary constraints and high levels of regulation, asset servicers must continuously differentiate themselves by providing an extended range of services in a global diversified investment landscape covering traditional asset management, real estate, private equity and hedge funds.

In this fast-paced environment, asset servicers need to quickly manage the evolving needs and opportunities of the investment management industry in order to grow their business and to face the challenges of this market trend. 

They require agile and flexible fund administration solutions to not only support new products, instruments and vehicles but to also manage an increasingly high volume of data for investors and regulators, all while minimizing costs. Efficient and highly automated solutions can reduce costs of daily operations by eliminating redo-processing and by optimizing and simplifying complex processing and, at the same time, increasing the quality of administered data and easing data visualization. 

Grow your Business in a Fast-Paced Environment

Supporting business diversification with new regulatory requirements is more vital than ever for asset servicers to meet increasing client expectations while asset managers are diversifying their investment management to find new sources of alpha.

As the global investment landscape breaks down barriers between traditional asset management and real estate, private equity, hedge funds, asset servicers urgently require ways to manage their new investment accounting challenges covering financial calculations, and operational and regulatory reporting on a single database enabling consolidated views of assets across products and clients and making savings by sharing common data and common processing.

NeoXam GP3 is has been designed with the end-user in mind, allowing us to provide a global investment accounting solution that perfectly matches the latest industry challenges, automates repeated business processes, both simple and complex, and improves the effectiveness of daily operations. 

Satisfy Regulatory Compliance and Transparency

As your clients invest in more markets and in more investments vehicles for a more diversified client base, your operational risk can increase significantly and the constraints applicable to the investment process will become more complicated to verify. You must not only support new and complex controls, but also deliver large amounts of reporting data for clients and regulators.

NeoXam Compliance offers advanced rule scripting capabilities, a full audit trail and flexible reporting. It is designed to support high volumes of trades, rules and portfolios for global and diversified investment management organizations. It also allows you to autonomously customize the underlying data you may wish to include in new rule calculations whenever needed.

Support Timely, Complete and Accurate Data

When it comes to relying on certified holding situations at any point in time, asset managers can be very demanding, and rightly so. A trustworthy ‘Book of Record’ will allow your clients' investment professionals to effectively perform their duties and avoid any wrongdoing related to incorrect or outdated information.

Having accurate and timely position data from a single source allows investment teams to focus on their added-value business instead of wasting time gathering data from different sources. As such, IBOR dramatically improves organizations’ operating models and is a key component in a growth-oriented strategy.

NeoXam IBOR provides you and your clients with trustworthy, real-time positions across asset classes and portfolios, centralizing all information into one continuously updated source. Positions and cash forecasts are available at any time of the day. It comes with built-in data quality features, golden copies, flexible workflows, as well as seamless connectivity to third party systems.

Our Products

NeoXam DataHub acts as a central repository and a user-oriented data management tool.
NeoXam IBOR provides buy-side organizations with trustworthy, real-time positions across asset classes and portfolios, centralizing all information into one continuously updated source.
The industry-recognized, highly-scalable, multijurisdictional and real-time investment accounting and reporting solution.
NeoXam Compliance is your state-of-the-art solution for Pre- and Post-Trade regulatory and client compliance checks.
NeoXam delivers proven solutions to cover the complete value-chain including data management and enrichment, find out more about our solutions by scrolling over one of them.

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