Métropole Gestion selects NeoXam DataHub for its global data management platform

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Paris, France – February 8, 2017

NeoXam, a leading international financial software company, announced today that Métropole Gestion, one of the first independent French asset management boutiques specializing in Value Investing, has developed its first data management platform with NeoXam DataHub.

Building on its commercial and financial success, Métropole Gestion, has decided to develop a single and global platform for managing all its data and thus better control its activity: listed instruments, market data such as prices, corporate actions, third parties – including issuers and customers, products – including funds and mandates, contracts and agreements, as well as liabilities, transactions, and positions.

Serge Delpla, CEO of NeoXam, comments: "With NeoXam DataHub, Métropole Gestion has prepared for the future: they will be able to develop their activities serenely on a robust and comprehensive basis, which our customers call the ‘Single Point of Truth’. This initiative, which is still uncommon in institutions this size, demonstrates the growing interest in placing data management at the heart of growth strategy. Indeed, this platform is a forerunner of next generation architectures for Asset Managers, allowing universal access to data and greater flexibility of the information system and internal processes – in short, better management of the business.

Furthermore, with a single, comprehensive and high-quality source of data, Métropole Gestion will easily be able to monitor and respond to requests for internal or external audits, as well as analyze both its financial and commercial data, and make decisions with total peace of mind. Operational KYCs, KYBs and KPI projects can thus be rapidly developed on a reliable and uniform database, rather than on a heterogeneous silo basis." 

Métropole Gestion now has a "seamless" infrastructure, placed at the heart of its information system, ensuring sustainability and quality.

Serge Delpla adds: "We are very pleased to collaborate with Métropole Gestion on this ambitious project. This new signature shows that our solutions are sufficiently adaptable to meet the requirements of any type of financial institution, from the world’s largest buy-side players to boutique asset managers. The size of our client does not matter. What matters is the degree of excellence sought by our customer: the higher this is, the more likely NeoXam will be able to provide a satisfactory solution."

About Métropole Gestion – As a pioneer of value investing in Europe starting in the 1990S, François-Marie Wojcik teamed up with Isabel Levy in 2002 to create Métropole Gestion, one of the first independent French asset management companies specializing in stock picking (European and euro zone equities), bond picking (euro zone bonds) and diversified portfolio management (convertibles and dedicated funds). Métropole Gestion has built a comprehensive product range centered on a single philosophy known as value investing: the selection of value stocks with catalysts. This concept, introduced in Europe by François-Marie Wojcik in the late 1990s and subsequently refined by Isabel Levy, consists in purchasing a stock below its actual value, whereby investors can minimize risks and optimize profitability in the medium term. Today, drawing on its recognized, highly effective management approach and its success with investors, Métropole Gestion is one of the leading French asset management boutiques.

About NeoXam – NeoXam is a leading financial software company, delivering solutions and services for 150+ customers in 25 countries worldwide. NeoXam is committed to its clients’ success: we deliver reliable and scalable solutions, processing more than $14 trillion worth of assets per day and serving over 10,000 users. Through its combined talents and transparent approach, NeoXam helps buy- and sell-side players address the continuous changes in the financial market industry, to grow and better serve their clients. NeoXam relies on 400 staff members based in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and Middle East.


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