NeoXam GP3

NeoXam GP3 is a multilingual, multijurisdictional and real-time investment accounting and reporting software for asset managers, institutional investors and large asset servicers. The solution fully administers all best practices and regulatory requirements specific to each locally supported market.

NeoXam GP3 is the most cost-effective solution with proven implementation methodologies. NeoXam GP3 will enable us to capture new market shares by providing enhanced services to our clients through customized and innovative solutions.” Jean-Pierre Michalowski, Deputy Chief Executive Officer at CACEIS.

Managing complexity, maximizing efficiency, providing greater transparency and mitigating operational risks while remaining agile are crucial for today’s fund accounting operations. With the right technology in place, you can not only streamline your processes, but also contribute to your organization’s bottom line: you are positioned for growth and capable of handling multiple market regulatory client requirements. 

NeoXam GP3 automates repeated business processes (simple or complex) and controls the quality of data management and financial calculations, thus improving the effectiveness of daily operations. This enables you to allocate time to your teams so that they may concentrate on their true added value, limit their risks and better control their operational costs. Mutual insurances, insurance companies, pension funds, asset managers and asset servicers, rely daily on NeoXam GP3 to handle their multi-threaded business operations and to support their global expansion.

With a web-based front-end, NeoXam GP3 maintains a broad range of fund structures, from pension funds and institution portfolios to hedge funds and mutual funds, on a single database. By leveraging NeoXam GP3’s productivity tools and client reporting solutions, NeoXam GP3 provides you with greater visualization of your valuable data and helps you to raise the operational effectiveness of your organization to an entirely new level of productivity and responsiveness.

Key features

With a web-based front-end, NeoXam GP3 provides asset managers and asset servicers with a solution that:

  • supports multi-threaded businesses on a single database
  • handles all portfolio types of the collective and institutional investment business, including complex portfolio structures
  • supports a comprehensive range of asset classes, including sophisticated securities and derivatives
  • offers robust and highly scalable real-time, rules-driven financial processing
  • includes a fully integrated general ledger with a full suite of financial reports
  • offers standard packages covering various regulations such as IFRS9 & Solvency II
  • supports multiple books of records of portfolios
  • offers enhanced client reporting capabilities
  • controls and monitors financial calculations with extensive exception management capabilities
  • automates and monitors department-wide daily operations
  • embeds superior messaging capabilities with open APIs for end-to-end integration
  • integrates NeoXam’s solutions for data management, regulatory compliance or daily matching needs


Beyond the intrinsic strengths of NeoXam GP3, NeoXam’s solution will provide you with a solution that:

  • streamlines your processes and increases your productivity
  • eases your business expansion with flexible configurations covering local and global requirements
  • helps client acquisition and growth management
  • streamlines user localizations
  • allows for a strong integration with your IT infrastructure


NeoXam GP3 is easily configurable to support our customers’ unique needs. The underlying technology allows for simplified integration with internal and external systems, enhanced data access and dissemination.

Platform-independent and scalable, our solution’s message-based integration with third-party systems and data sources helps customers achieve straight-through processing quickly and cost-effectively.

NeoXam GP3 is deployable in-house or on an ASP basis.

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