Reconciliation Engine


NeoXam IM solution embedded reconciliation engine allows our clients to reconcile portfolios’ holdings, cash and NAV details with the ones coming from any 3rd-party, custodians or fund administrators.

External data could come from SWIFT messages (MT535 for holdings, MT940 for cash) or any flat file.

Reconciliation settings allow to set-up matching criteria, fields and tolerance level.

Reconciliation results are displayed in specific monitors.

Mismatched lines are clearly visible and resolution process is done via dedicated workflow.

Key Benefits

Exception management

Unmatched items are clearly identified within the reconciliation dashboards and visible for quick team intervention.

Reconciliation Workflow

Standard and customizable reconciliation workflow process to identify who takes the resolution of any mismatched item and who validates the reconciliation of any portfolio at any date.

Reconciliation Settings

Extensive reconciliation settings to manage any type of reconciliation criteria and field for maximum efficiency in the recon automation process.

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