Reporting Solution

Simplify traditional reporting, digitize portfolio monitoring & improve client service


A digital solution for automating your reporting, reinventing user experience, illustrating your performance, centralizing data and supporting sales efforts.


We centralize and create a history of all of your data (positions, trends, risks and benchmarks). This same data can then be fed into a digital application, traditional reporting as well as your web site.

Use cases

An application which accompanies you from portfolio management to client relationship management.

Performance, reporting & client service management

Automate your reporting for any type of asset class, language or disclaimer. Produce tailor-made reporting for institutional clients with just one click. Provide your teams and clients with daily, updated valuations (if the underlying asset allows for it).

Portfolio monitoring

Refer to past performance via a visual, analytical tool. Improve internal collaboration via a portfolio monitoring tool, which is the same for everyone.


Simplify your daily interactions with existing clients and increase your retention rate. Be responsive when faced with specific client requests. Differentiate your offer and convert more prospects into client wins.