NeoXam Compliance

At any point during your investment process, you can make sure all controls are in place to comply with European and national regulations, prospectus and client guidelines.

A Complete & Differentiating Feature Set

As you invest in more markets, and in more investments vehicles for a more diversified client base, your operational risk can significantly increase and the constraints applicable to the investment process will become more complex to monitor. You require specific alerts that are tailored to the severity of potential breaches as well as the flexibility to decide where blocking or warning gates may apply.

Business Challenge

Available throughout the trading cycle or as a standalone post-trade analysis solution, NeoXam Compliance offers advanced rule scripting capabilities, a full audit trail and flexible reporting. It is designed to support high volumes of trades, rules and portfolios for global and diversified investment management organizations.

Market Challenge

In addition to the rule definition “Flexibility”, NeoXam Compliance allows you to autonomously customize the underlying data you may wish to include in new rule calculations whenever needed.

Latest insight

Based on your size, investment profiles and organization, we have the tailored solution for all of your portfolio management needs.

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Centralized Front to Back Office Compliance Monitoring.