Economic events such as Brexit and increasingly complex market regulations are pushing you, as the head of a local or regional Asset Management Company, Portfolio Manager, Middle Officer or Risk Manager to have a comprehensive and dedicated information system.

We believe that we have the best Multi Specialist Front-to-Back Solution currently available on the market.

Asset Management Boutiques

Regional Institutional Investor, Hedge Fund, Benchmarked or Fundamental Asset Management Boutique, Private / Wealth Manager, Insurance & Pension Fund Manager, Alternative Fund Manager, Mutual Funds.

Whatever your Buy-Side activity is, NeoXam’s solutions have sought to be flexible and to allow you to cope with the industry’s constantly changing challenges.

New risks, business opportunities and regulations must be tackled quickly with decisions needing to be taken fast.

The best recognition we have from our customers is our proven track record of our capability to act quickly and help them do their jobs more efficiently.


Help You Manage your Growth

We see our clients as partners and have teamed up with many entrepreneurs during their business development. Some of them are now well-established companies with whom we are still in business, in confidence, trust and respect.

We can help you when responding to RFPs, to better understand the impacts of new regulations, or when undergoing an audit from Local Market Authorities.

Reduce your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Reducing IT and operational costs is one of your key challenges and we believe we have the best price / productivity gain ratio currently on the market.

Our solution is easy to implement, very scalable and easy to maintain.

Our solution is fully STP (Straight-Through-Processing), from order simulation to trade accounting, covering front-to-back requirements.

Help You Manage Regulatory Requirements

Solvency II for institutional investors, AIFM for alternative funds, EMIR, IFRS9, PRIIPS, etc.

You are required to cope with increasingly complex new regulations and this is a significant challenge for you, as a local or regional Buy-Side player, to comply with them.

We, at NeoXam, have a pool of experts who are monitoring these new regulations and will help you understand the impacts on your business.

Our solutions encompass very powerful compliance engines which enable you to have a smart and comprehensive control of exposures and risks inherited from financial market, opened positions.

Our Products

A single solution to cover your entire Front-to-Back value chain.
NeoXam delivers proven solutions to cover the complete value-chain including data management and enrichment, find out more about our solutions by scrolling over one of them.

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