"In asset management, ‘Risk is not only Value at Risk’. There are multiple ways of coping with the financial risks associated with absolute or relative financial return targets, and you’d better be accordingly equipped for it!"

Roland Tuffier, VP Product Management, NeoXam


As an asset manager, investing in new complex OTC derivatives, trading on new execution venues, complying with more and increasingly stringent regulations while at the same time continuing to enrich your client reporting capabilities on risk/return analysis, are all challenges you continuously face and need to adapt to.

Whatever investment type you are concentrating on, you will need secure and performant tools to ease your decision-making process and follow-up.

From customized decision support tools and modeling algorithms, to operational workflow management and automatic risk/compliance controls, you require cutting-edge solutions that are flexible enough to integrate within your current organization. As underlying data quality is also core to your efficiency, it is critical to ensure that timely and accurate data feeding and cleansing procedures are up and running at all times.

NeoXam provides a full suite of solutions pertaining to the asset management industry, from local or ‘niche’ players to large global institutions and will ensure that your systems are always up-to-date with the latest features required by your internal and external clients. 

Portfolio Management Systems

Whether applying sophisticated benchmark replication techniques, implementing specific ‘alpha’ generating strategies, or dealing with complex OTC instruments, different portfolio management techniques require different tools.

These tools must be consistent and reliable, and all work out of the same underlying data and processes to alleviate your operational tasks, thus enabling you to benefit from investment consistency and control across the board.

Our best-of-breed portfolio management solutions, NeoXam Manager, for global, high-volume Asset Management companies, and NeoXam Tracker3, for the more specific Institutional and Alternative industries, bring along extensive investment coverage. At the same time, they provide a comprehensive and reliable investment repository for holding, trades, and analytics, servicing complete internal and client reporting requirements.

Based on your size, investment profiles and organization, we have the tailored solution for all of your portfolio management needs.


Measuring market risk exposure while at the same time ensuring that investment guidelines are always being monitored are key functions that you, as an asset manager, need to perform at any time for any of your portfolios.

Key market risk indicators must be easily accessed and ‘active’ vs ‘passive’ compliance breaches should be immediately reported as ‘live’ alerts to both your portfolio management professionals and compliance officers.

Powerful pre and post-trade compliance checks are performed very efficiently within our solutions and allow you to ensure timely controls of all your client guidelines as well as your regulatory environment.

Moreover, pre-defined rule packages provide significant downtime in the implementation process while complex new regulations can also be easily implemented at no additional cost. 

Data Management and Governance

Data quality is a key component of your asset management organization, in order to be confident that everyone is making the right decisions based on the correct information.

Whether dynamically supported within each of our front or back-office solutions, or aggregated in a dedicated data management tool, data collection, refinery, control and dispatching procedures are embedded features of our solutions and allow you to rely on an up-to-date, clean, secure and validated environment.

Golden copies can be set up and workflows associated with their maintenance can be defined and enforced. This way, heterogeneous data from multiple sources and periodicity can be smoothly integrated and made readily available for your different downstream services to access them, in your front-office, for your operations and for accounting.


When it comes to relying on certified holding situations at any point in time, asset managers can be very demanding, and rightly so. Multiple front-office systems may exist and key information must also be aggregated from downstream systems such as custodian and accounting systems.

This is particularly true when the data may affect key G&L or performance indicators. Knowing that a trustful ‘Book of Record’ is always the master source for all your decision implementations will allow each of your investment professionals to effectively perform their duties and avoid any wrongdoing related to incorrect or outdated information.

NeoXam provides a fully-fledged ‘IBOR’ service that fulfils all the requirements related to such an enterprise-wide initiative. Comprehensive automated procedures ensure that corporate action processing, cash flow projections, pricing and historical storage of all key transactions and position information are the sound basis to deliver this key service to even the most demanding and complex investment management organizations.

Fund Administration & Accounting

Delivering accurate, auditable and on-time daily NAV figures for mutual funds, while reporting the most up-to-date valuations, G&Ls and tax indicators to enhance your institutional client relationship, requires that your organization has a state-of-the-art solution.

You may also need to include more complex structures such as multi-management and pooling, as well as supporting multi-accounting regulatory standards, including IFRS and US-GAAP.

Thanks to NeoXam GP3’s extended capabilities, you can achieve the best operational efficiency for your complete back-office chain. Your tailored workflow requirements can be easily implemented and checked throughout the entire process. Moreover, our embedded (Client Portal) Reporting solution, which is accessible through the web, allows you to further reach out to your clients with core value added data components delivered by the application.

All in all, you will work faster and smarter while reducing your costs. 

Our Products

Neoxam Matching helps financial institutions reduce their operational risk and cost on reconciliation by moving from manual and paper-based processes to automated solutions.
NeoXam DataHub acts as a central repository and a user-oriented data management tool.
NeoXam IBOR provides buy-side organizations with trustworthy, real-time positions across asset classes and portfolios, centralizing all information into one continuously updated source.
The industry-recognized, highly-scalable, multijurisdictional and real-time investment accounting and reporting solution.
NeoXam Compliance is your state-of-the-art solution for Pre- and Post-Trade regulatory and client compliance checks.
A flexible and advanced Front and Middle-Office solution particularly enhanced for Institutional Investors and Alternative Asset Management.
Neoxam Manager is the Front-Office solution that best services your global and diversified investment management business. It allows for a maximum flexibility in your investment analysis and optimization process.
NeoXam delivers proven solutions to cover the complete value-chain including data management and enrichment, find out more about our solutions by scrolling over one of them.

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