NeoXam Operational process

It has been natively designed to adapt to your own field of expertise, and to your own specific management style and methodologies.

Adapt to new Regulatory Changes

It has enabled countless Collective and Institutional Management players to not only follow through on their commitments but also to ensure that their operational processes are adapted to new market developments and regulatory changes.

Ensure all controls are in place to comply with regulations


Whether a new credit class, market, classification or accounting/regulatory standard, NeoXam  gives you the power to adapt structures and practices on the fly, meaning there is no longer any restriction to delivery and yourability to seize a market opportunity.

Open Access

Any flexible solution that can generate large volumes of standard or specific information requires both open and controlled access to data. NeoXam  has been specially designed to allow all authorized users to analyze, reconcile, import and export all the data used and stored throughout the entire management cycle.


We have equipped all our user interfaces with a personalization function so that each user can focus on their objectives with their own formats and their own way of working. NeoXam  offers the most customizable user experience yet, running more smoothly and more efficiently in a complex, data and feature-rich system.

Guarantee future flexibility


When managing more than €10 billion in assets, your company must be able to manage its commitments within a structured system that can cope with progressive or fast scalability.


When it comes to asset management, every item of data is considered to be sensitive. With NeoXam , all data is subjected to a rigorous integration process. Every status change is systematically audited to ensure that your internal procedures are complied with at all times.


For every new project or change to an existing project, you can integrate your own standard or specific algorithm-based valuation and risk assessment methods developed by your project teams or by our loaned consultants. You have a work environment that is flexible, but which can be jointly managed depending on your business needs and your technical constraints.

Business Challenges

Against a backdrop of markets seeing increasing volatility, where there are more and increasingly restrictive regulatory frameworks, and where risk monitoring entails that every management decision requires information to be consumed from multiple sources for greater transparency, management companies today must be equipped with a tool that is capable of centralizing and managing—in real-time—the risks directly or indirectly associated with every commitment, using their own unique rules of assessment, standard data and internal criteria as well as monitoring procedures.

Market Challenges

Whatever your market (rates, stocks, currency, multi-management, alternative management, collective or institutional management), NeoXam lets you build customized simulation and decision-making tools. If your job is in the middle-office, all of our operational processes— delivered as standard—are adjustable depending on the various intermediaries involved (depositaries, agents, administrators, brokers, clearing houses, etc.). And if you are in charge of risk management, you will be able to incorporate your own assessment methods and management requirements.

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