NeoXam Manager

Neoxam Manager is the Front-Office solution that best services your global and diversified investment management business. It allows for maximum flexibility for your investment analysis and optimization process, and ensures coherent and streamlined operational efficiency throughout the entire investment lifecycle.

Your investment company acts as a global player on multiple markets. You invest heavily in various asset types with different investment styles that match your mutual fund activity and institutional client requirements. You require consolidated information and accurate workflows for your entire investment decision implementation, and processing that is also flexible enough to accommodate new investment types and procedures on the fly, as required by all your portfolio managers.

NeoXam Manager is the proven, effective solution that enables both the implementation of an industrial strength front-office investment process for large asset management companies and best adapts to each organization’s specific requirements.

Flexibility is Key:

In a global investment management organization, flexibility is key.

Whether you need to capitalize on various in-house and external existing systems or introduce new service components for decision support or operational management, you need to ensure that your underlying information system is ready to cope and adapt.

NeoXam Manager will guarantee future flexibility:

  • New OTCs
    Additional complex investment vehicles, with new instrument or trade-related data information, can be quickly defined within the system using custom-made templates, and can be easily incorporated into your global investment process.
  • Custom add-ins
    Our unique ‘Plug-in’ mechanism allows you to directly integrate additional tools that immediately become part of the global solution available to all/selected users. For example, you may quickly develop a specific Forex Hedging algorithm that becomes visible in your workspace and directly generates the corresponding FX orders from it.
  • Market access
    Access to the proper liquidity pool on the market, which is a fast-moving place, is critical to your organization. From our Trading Blotters, NeoXam Manager provides quick and easy implementation of order routing algorithms as well as easy targeting of additional execution venues, either directly or through your favorite EMS or FIX network providers.

Key features

  • Real-time Portfolio Analysis
  • Portfolio Modeling & Rebalancing
  • Benchmark Management
  • Order generation and Routing
  • Pre-Trade / Ad-hoc Compliance check
  • Order Lifecycle Management (Blotters, Fix….)
  • Trade STP and reconciliation
  • Complete Stock/Cash management including Corporate action and cash flow processing, Subscription/Redemptions and other liability
  • Historical Holding analysis and comparison


Benefits of our solutions include:

  • More coherent data to rely on, for both real-time and historical analysis
  • More efficient adaptations to your clients’ or the market’s new requirements
  • Easier investment decision implementation: real-time portfolio valuation and analysis to facilitate ad-hoc and automated modeling and rebalancing processes
  • Better tracking of your entire investment process: full audit trail of the entire trade lifecycle for all investment types, including pre-trade compliance checks, order routing and execution information as well as both internal and external trade matching procedures
  • Always access data you need: online access to all historical holding and cash flow data for audit and comparison purposes as well as performance contribution and attribution reporting

Our Best of Hybrid approach is a better fit than a ‘go-for-all’/’All-in One’ system implementation.


NeoXam Manager can be installed on site or as an ASP service. It relies on its own Database (Oracle) and interacts with external applications through standard messaging services (WebServices) for both real-time and ad-hoc import/export procedures.

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