"Know Your Customer (KYC) is the new mantra of Asset Managers who are ready and equipped to face the future. More than just an obligation, they see KYC as a means to bring all the stakeholders of a company onboard on a day-to-day basis."

Pascal Mougin, Chief Technology Officer, NeoXam

Know Your Customer (KYC): An Opportunity rather than a Challenge?

In the space of a few years, Know Your Customer (KYC or Client Onboarding) has become one of the most challenging obligations facing Asset Managers. Regulatory changes such as FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) or the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MIFID) II, further increase the need for precision from professionals. KYC is now an integral part of their daily business operations.

The amount of information involved, the number of documents to be taken into account, the varying national regulations, and their future amendments, require Asset Managers to have sophisticated, secure and reliable processes.

Tools must not only be precise, reactive and practical, but takss must also be automated in order to avoid any input errors and inconsistencies.

With NeoXam's solutions, Asset Managers can centralize and check their data, ensure quality, and enjoy the benefits of advanced and secure process management. This automated KYC approach ensures the comprehensiveness of validations, removes any possibility of duplicate entries, and corroborates all information with external sources. The status of files can be verified in real-time via easy-to-read dashboards, giving Asset Managers the reassurance that their affairs are in order at all times.

Ensuring your company possesses perfect customer knowledge

Asset Managers must meet the KYC challenge. This ethical commitment is one of the major differences between the Asset Management sector and the notion of customer knowledge as perceived by other industries. Establishing an exact customer profile is the key to building a quality, long-term relationship.

Achieving this, as well as meeting the demands of regulators, requires an industrial capacity for data and knowledge management. The operational effectiveness to be gained in processing the large number of documents and different information types can transform a tedious task into a genuine business asset.

Using NeoXam's solutions to standardize and automate the management of both customer data both facilitates and speeds up the whole KYC value-chain. Being able to prove that you have complete control over operational risks also enables you to be beyond reproach in the eyes of regulators.

Ensuring the whole company enjoys the benefits of perfect accuracy

The KYC principle affects all stakeholders in a company. All your company's departments must be able to exploit the advantages offered, and enjoy the benefits of high quality, collaborative and centralized management of customer information. This, of course, constitutes a boost for your commercial teams who are on the front line, but imagine also how streamlined, optimized and accelerated processes could be of great benefit to your legal division, middle-office, risk management and reporting officers.

This unique and cross-cutting insight into your customers will give your company the power to offer the most appropriate solutions regardless of the situation. With NeoXam's solutions, time and money can be saved at all levels of the company, allowing Asset Managers to focus on their core business activities.

NeoXam makes it possible to ensure the consistency, coherence and the quality of the data you use to build customer knowledge. This common foundation ensures the engagement of the whole company in the promotion of excellence in terms of carrying out, streamlining and securing business processes.

Ensuring you are equipped to make KYC a force

The solutions for Asset Managers proposed by NeoXam mean you can easily provide regulators with the necessary proof that you have complete control over operational risk. These solutions also enable you to significantly improve your operational efficiency. Being equipped for the future: manage your costs and save time thanks to better data management and smart automation.

The way to customer knowledge is paved with the successive implementation of new regulations: mastery of data and related processes are the best means for building a consistent and comprehensive view of the challenges facing your company over the long-term. With a strategic KYC approach, enhance structural effectiveness and enjoy the benefits of economies of scale. 

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