MFEX has extended its partnership with NeoXam

From Asset Servicing Times:

MFEX has extended its partnership with NeoXam to support business growth.

The agreement will give MFEX clients continued access to NeoXam’s DataHub solution, which is designed to replace several internal processes and populate a trading system with static data.

Olivier Huby, co-CEO at MFEX, said: “DataHub stood out to us as it could be implemented quickly and is also adaptable to our individual needs. We are looking forward to NeoXam’s innovative solution continuing to grow and change as we do.”

Florent Fabre, managing director and COO at NeoXam, commented: “We were excited to show MFEX the continuous investment that we put into keeping DataHub ahead of the curve.”

He added: “As exciting trends like artificial intelligence emerge in data visualisation technology, we’ll continue to adapt our solution to ensure we can quickly understand and answer our clients’ needs.”