NeoXam as-a-service

Catering data managed services while combining the finest proven-market technology platforms across the Investment Management value chain.

Catering you with a wide range of services.

Hosting Infrastructure

We host NeoXam’s Software.

Providing hardware, operating system, network components, storage, database, and other required Infrastructure

  • Software-compliant tailored Hosting
  • Platform in NeoXam’s datacenter
  • Cost-effective
  • Hosting Platform
  • Faster delivery of environment
  • Up-to-date Disaster Recovery Plan

Hosting infrastructure partners

Hosting Service

We run NeoXam’s Software.

Monitoring and managing services for the Hosting Platform (patch management, incident management, performance, capacity management)

  • Simplify infrastructure support
  • Eliminate complexity
  • Benefit from NeoXam’s expertise
  • Simplify software lifecycle management and upgrade deployment


Software Services

We maintain Neoxam’s Software.

Focusing on maintaining NeoXam software in operational condition, including incident support, software patches, deployment tooling, software upgrade to the next major version, and software availability monitoring.

  • Rely on NeoXam’s Software in-depth expertise (build & run)
  • Delegate specific delivery (faster TTM, reduced risk)
  • Simplify upgrade and maintenance
  • Ease technical
  • Production support and monitoring
    Technical monitoring of incoming and outgoing feeds

Business Services

We leverage NeoXam’s software.

Assisting or taking over the work typically performed by our Client’s to let them focus on their core business.

  • Providing market data providers and custodians,
  • Managing exceptions, data cleansing and reconciliation
  • Managing Core Reference Data

40+ references | 5 Countries | Multiple bundled services offer

Leverage different NeoXam solutions with our services

With NeoXam

Enabling you to have limited internal IT capabilities for our integrated investment management solution.

  • Seamless Web-based Accessibility
  • Built-in resilience
  • Real-time Data feed monitoring
  • Technical expertise
  • UX and confidentiality
  • Configurable
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With NeoXam

Providing tailored worldwide scalable services for our world-class data management & IBOR solutions.

  • Data Localization
  • Data Connectivity
  • Scalability
  • Elasticity
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With NeoXam

Providing the highest level of system availability and scalability.

  • Data security
  • Data visualization
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Access our entire software catalogue

NeoXam as a Service enables our clients to access our entire software catalogue.

Amplify the value chain

Managed by NeoXam – eliminate integration complexity

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