We deliver data management and transaction software solutions

Our mission

Empowering financial institutions.
We automate complex processes at the heart of our clients’ industries, enabling them to improve their competitiveness, better serve their clients, and further manage their growth. We deliver scalable transaction processes based on a consistent, accurate, accessible and timely view of position, portfolio and market data.

Our History

More than 25 years of financial software experience, enabling the Buy-side & Sell-side to grow!

  • 1987-1989

    Founding of GP3 & Decalog. Acquired by SunGard in 1997 and 1999

  • 2014

    NeoXam is established in February by BlackFin CP & Serge Delpla, CEO NeoXam acquires GP3 & Decalog from SunGard In October, NeoXam buys out Density Tech

  • 2015

    NeoXam buys out Nexfi in April 2015, and SmartCo in June 2015

  • 2016-2018

    A leader in Financial software solutions in continental Europe with significant footprints in Asia and USA

  • 2018

    Cathay Capital and Bpifrance support NeoXam in the acceleration of its international development

  • 2019

    NeoXam buys 100M and strengthen data management offerings, reporting capabilities and user experience by using 100M’s data analytics and visualization interfaces.

Executive team

Serge Delpla

Chief Executive Officer Connect on LinkedIn

Florent Fabre

Chief Operating Officer Connect on LinkedIn

Nizard Djemmali

Chief Financial Officer Connect on LinkedIn

Gilles Kammerer

Chief Technology Officer, Head of R&D Connect on LinkedIn

Didier Roubinet

Chief Strategy Officer Connect on LinkedIn

Clement Miglietti

Chief Product Officer Connect on LinkedIn

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