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More than 150 customers rely on us across the financial industry to solve the most complex challenges

How we can benefit Asset Managers

NeoXam provides a full suite of solutions pertaining to the asset management industry, from local or ‘niche’ players to large global institutions and will ensure that your systems are always up-to-date with the latest features required by your internal and external clients.

How we can benefit Institutional Investors

Against a difficult economic backdrop, institutional investors are facing numerous challenges in a rapidly changing sector: Low—even negative—rates, lower returns, renewed volatility, intensified liquidity risks, and the digital revolution, etc. For 30 years, front and back-office software solutions along with NeoXam’s experts have been helping the institutional sector to meet its challenges.

How we can benefit Bank and corporates

In today’s complex and global marketplace, all sell side entities, from the largest investment banks to the small and independent brokers, are facing fierce competition.

How we can benefit Asset Servicers

The scope of services for asset servicers has broadened. Their clients require increasingly complex products, instruments and vehicles of the alternative asset management landscape while at the same time improving operational effectiveness and controlling costs.

How we can benefit Asset Management Boutiques

Economic events such as Brexit and increasingly complex market regulations are pushing you, as the head of a local or regional Asset Management Company, Portfolio Manager, Middle Officer or Risk Manager to have a comprehensive and dedicated information system.

We believe that we have the best Multi Specialist Front-to-Back Solution currently available on the market.

Portfolio Management

Fully Integrated Solutions providing a complete set of functionalities, built around a very powerful Portfolio Management System and facilitate our Middle-Office operations, such as user control, regulatory rules compliance, risks and reporting.

Data management

Central repository and user-oriented data management tool. It is the Single Point of Truth for data used or produced by financial institutions. NeoXam DataHub is the most comprehensive, fast-delivering and customizable software solution for centralized data management currently available on the market.

Back office

Multilingual, multijurisdictional and real-time investment accounting and reporting software for asset managers, institutional investors and large asset servicers. Fully administers all best practices and regulatory requirements specific to each locally supported market.


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