CNP Assurances to implement NeoXam’s DataHub solution

From Institutional Asset Manager:

CNP Assurances Group has selected its financial software company NeoXam’s DataHub solution to house all its pricing and reference data on one platform.

The decision comes after a selection process which involved CNP Assurances Group looking to centralise data management functions for all their solutions in one single platform. CNP Assurances wanted a centralised platform in order to shorten the time taken to process data management processes, which were previously operated manually.

Thanks to the increased automation from DataHub, CNP Assurances Group can rationalise and optimise the architecture and distribution of market data within its IT. By providing increased visibility into data underpinning all investible assets, DataHub supports the Group UChange program which aims to develop data optimisation, security and innovation across the CNP Assurances Group.

Commenting on the selection of the DataHub platform, Mourad Dridi, Head of IT at the CNP Assurances Client Wealth and Wealth Engineering business unit says: “NeoXam DataHub has been designed to meet our specific needs. The solution provides significant coverage in terms of connectivity to market data providers and strong flexibility in the creation of new interfaces.  As the master repository of market data for the CNP Assurances IT system, DataHub helps us meet our objectives of ensuring data quality, completeness, and accessibility.”

Didier Roubinet. Chief Strategy Officer, at NeoXam, adds: “Financial institutions are always looking for a simple way to access all of their data in one place, rather than having to pull data from multiple parts of the business. By selecting DataHub, CNP Assurances Group will avoid any manual data management headaches, while also having a scalable solution which can grow in line with investor demands.”