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Cookie Policy

The navigation on the Site gives rise to a deposit of /plotters and/or cookies. Cookies are small text files stored on the user’s terminal, grouping a certain number of data on its navigation (e.g. date, time and number of visits, source of arrival, preferences). NeoXam uses them to:

  • Customize your navigation: the deposit of cookies allows us to memorize your navigation choices, to recognize you in case of a new visit and thus to activate the application of these personalized parameters (e.g. language, type of browser);
  • Analyze the activity of our Site: the deposit of cookies allows us to obtain information on the affluence and the traffic and thus to measure the performances of our Site;
  • Adapt the content to your interests: the deposit of cookies enables us to obtain information on your preferences and to submit you offers corresponding to your centers of interest;
  • Make social sharing buttons available to you: if you click on one of them, third-party website cookies may be placed on your device. These cookies are governed by the personal data protection policy specific to each third-party site, on which NeoXam has therefore no control.

Cookies are kept for up to 13 months. This period is not extended by your new visits.

The deposit of cookies on your terminal assumes the collection of your consent. Thus, upon your arrival on our Site, an information banner informs of our we use of this technology, and that by continuing your navigation, you accept the deposit of cookies on Paramétrer les cookies.