Data Derivation

Data Derivation

With NeoXam DataHub, users can derive data based on the value of other data points or fields. Simple or complicated logic can be scripted to perform computation on one field or by combining several fields. NeoXam DataHub provides a business rule engine that can be used to create virtually any type of rules. Business rules are freely defined in NeoXam DataHub using a simple and user intuitive scripting language that is similar to VBA.

Each derivation or transformation of a data, whether it is done automatically, is automatically applied in real time for every user even if the screen is already displayed on client side in this case the data is automatically replaced in the screen. Data derivation & transformation business rules can be applied on any field of the logical model whether it is a raw data or a computed one and at any step of the data processing workflow from its early beginning in the mapping of the connector (formatting date, converting numbers, …) to the latest stage before the golden copy validation. 

Key Benefits


For faster delivery, changes can be made in a matter of minutes using graphical tools directly within the app, and with no updates or restarting necessary. 


Any changes are made in real-time. This ensures that users are always working with the correct version of data, business rules, screens and even the same data model.


Data transformation tools can be used to make all fields in the data model at any time, whether in the early stages, at the connector level for example, or at a later stage, such as when creating a golden copy.

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