Impress Automatized Production Process

Automatized Production Process

Construct a factory for producing your reports by automatizing your processes with workflows adapted to the business context of each report, integrating all the steps and statute monitoring required until the distribution of the documents and management of discharges. You monitor, program, and orchestrate your reporting activity while allowing stakeholders to interact with report production in a secure, targeted way.

Key Benefits


Automatize the various steps of the report production process by sequencing them in workflows adapted to the business context of the report with a graphic editor.


Get the various stakeholders to participate in report production by making them part of workflows and making them responsible for specific approval steps (4-eyes). Preserve the audit trail for the various actions and justify your SLA.


Plan report production in advance according to your clients’ needs, the regulator’s deadlines, and the frequency of reports. Exchange and adjust your calendar with stakeholders.

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