Institutional Investors

Flexible Decision-Making Solutions

“It is because our profession is becoming increasingly complex (due to regulations such as Solvency II or IFRS9, for example) that we seek simple, fast-to-implement solutions which are agile while they develop”

Business Challenges

Against a difficult economic backdrop, institutional investors are facing numerous challenges in a rapidly changing sector: Low—even negative—rates, lower returns, renewed volatility, intensified liquidity risks, and the digital revolution, etc. For 30 years, front and back-office software solutions along with NeoXam’s experts have been helping the institutional sector to meet its challenges.

Market Challenges

We enable financial institutuons to quickly develop new investment strategies and acquire new clients in order to maintain increase their revenue. We automating processes designed to reduce their operational costs. We monitoring sensitive indicators and by alerting decision-makers in real-time so that they can address regulatory and investment-related requirements.

Key Benefits for Institutional Investors

Need for flexibility

The search for higher returns via non-traditional asset classes (i.e. private equity, Euro PP, debt funds, infrastructures, and real estate, etc.), the introduction of new regulations, and the impact of the digital revolution on the sector are all challenges that have to be faced in Institutional Management.

Decision-making tools designed to enable you to seize opportunities

Investing in new asset classes offering higher-returns or which focus on current social issues (i.e. socially responsible investment) requires flexible and solid management tools that can quickly adapt to any new financial or regulatory context without disrupting or compromising the existing one.

Need for digitalization

New technologies are not only the realm of FinTechs. If client experience and client satisfaction are still one of your priorities, if your company is still at the thinking stage whether to fully enter the digitalization age, NeoXam proposes a range of solutions and services that give you the power to conquer new markets and acquire new customers.