The trusted repository for data used or produced by financial institutions

Providing the necessary tools, with a wide range of data domains, to address all Master Data Management issues, from acquiring market and reference data from multiple suppliers to creating one or more golden copies, together with Data Quality Checks (DQC).

What NeoXam MDM covers?

Data Domains

A comprehensive sector-specific software solution designed to enhance your business performance, complete with data connectors, templates, and extensible business rules

  • Securities Master Files
  • Funds & Mandates
  • Business Entities
  • Index & Benchmarks
  • Corporate Actions
  • ESG

Data Acquisition

NeoXam DataHub offers numerous ready-to-use connectors that allow the acquisition, reconciliation, and verification (DQC) of raw data from several suppliers to obtain silver data.

  • Automatic checks to improve data quality
  • Scalability to reduce acquisition costs
  • Multi-source to ensure the best data for consumers

Data Transformation

Helping companies create the golden copy of their data by deriving it from standardized suppliers (silver data), using the dedicated tools with rules combining several sources or by a third-party service regardless of the technology used (e.g., SOA, Web Service, REST, SOAP).

  • Automatic checks to improve data quality
  • Scalability to reduce acquisition costs
  • Multi-source to ensure the best data for consumers

Data Governance

Enabling users to prioritize suppliers and selecting their data as needed, including at the issuer level.

  • Multiple Golden Copies by flagging them with a quality level
  • 100% Flexible: Data governance rules are fully customizable to fit your needs
  • Adaptable Data Completeness

Data Access

Offering a wide range of enterprise data distribution options, including the indispensable CSV via SFTP option, via REST/SOAP API, or over a JMS message broker.

  • Security and regulatory compliance requirements
  • API standard to access data domains without any configuration
  • Custom export & API for client specifications and rapid integration of new applications
  • Real-time data updates

Cloud native

A real-time, parallelized platform based on Kubernetee, Terraform, and Helm technologies, allowing organizations for easy deployment in the cloud and optimal exploitation of the cloud’s elasticity

  • Scalable either horizontally through the addition of additional servers or vertically by adding power
  • Notification system for changes made
  • Cost optimization by enabling additional resources only when they are needed

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