Impress Client Edition

Fund Factsheet Generation

Impress Client Edition is a comprehensive reporting solution enabling asset managers to generate high volumes of fund factsheets every month, with high level of flexibility​.

Produce as many documents as you need​

High-scale capabilities: 20 000 reports per hour​

Pricing per fund, once for all:​ For you to produce as many documents as you need for each fund

Flexible output:​ You can produce different reports for one single fund

Document repository:​ You can store your previous reports​

Collaborate with your colleagues

Production dashboards:​ For you to never miss a deadline​

Workflow validation dashboards:​ To help your teams to collaborate on delivering their inputs

Data audit trail and versioning:​ To fully trace all the generated data and retrieving it if needed

Customize your whole report easily

Design and layout:​ For any client’s specific needs​

Data model:​ To select the specific data you want to display with your own filters

Dates:​ You can generate your report between two random dates

Language:​ To manage your reporting worldwide

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