NeoXam DataHub
NeoXam DataHub acts as a central repository and user-oriented data management tool. It is the Single Point of Truth for data used or produced by financial institutions. NeoXam DataHub is acclaimed by its users as the most comprehensive, fast-delivering and customizable software solution for centralized data management currently available on the market. 
NeoXam DataHub provides a set of functional modules which answer to the specific requirements of financial institutions such as investment and retail banks, asset managers, brokers, custodians or fund administrators. Consolidation and centralization of a securities master file fed from different sources, improved management of business entities (counterparties, issuers), the creation of a unique customer master file, integration of all trades and positions in a unique repository for better risk and compliance monitoring are only a sample of the issues that NeoXam DataHub is able to address.

Having an out-of-the box Enterprise Data Management (EDM) solution, which is ultra-flexible, easy to implement and maintain, accurate with rich data models covering an incomparable scope of business data, and capable of meeting any business requirement allows organizations to focus on their core added-value business development instead of wasting time in laborious and lengthy IT projects to achieve urbanization functions, which are not the focus of their business or expertise.
NeoXam DataHub enables users to create a new reference database which takes much less time and is less costly than using standard market solutions or an in-house solution. For instance, defining the requirements and writing specifications for a securities master file data model can easily take more than a year. Based on our implementation experience, we believe that our standard out-of-the-box data models cover over 95% of the needs of any financial institution, and our data model is fully adaptable and flexible to allow the client to manage any of the types of financial data they would ever require. 

Why reinvent the wheel?



Key Features

NeoXam’s offer consists of a set of pre-packaged modules, called DataHub, which corresponds to standard business requirements, including:
  • Securities Master File (Reference Data and Market Data)
  • Business Entities (issuers, counterparty clients, KYCs, hierarchies, etc.)
  • Fund and Mandate Master File (product lifecycle)
  • Investment Data Repository (portfolios, transactions and positions)
  • Corporate Actions
  • Indices and Benchmarks
  • Bank Holidays and Calendars 

These business modules are proposed with an already designed data model, a preconfigured GUI, standard upstream and downstream interfaces, preconfigured workflows and business rules, and standard reports…which most of the time answer to 95% of banks’ requirements. Thanks to NeoXam DataHub, during the project, financial institutions can focus on the remaining 5% that is specific to their own business. 

To support these modules, NeoXam DataHub offers a vast range of advanced data management features, which are fully configurable. These mainly include (list non exhaustive):
  • Upstream / Downstream Connectivity
  • Data Quality Controls and Data Enrichment
  • Multiple Sources Management / Golden Copy Generation
  • Sophisticated Data Administration Workflows
  • Full Security and Auditing Capabilities
  • Data Lineage and Traceability
  • Data Archiving and Purging
  • Data Modeling through the Data Dictionary
  • Intuitive User Interface,
  • Analysis, Reporting, Dashboard and KPIs
  • Data Cost Tracking
  • Documents Support


NeoXam provide its customers with leading global Enterprise Data Management (EDM) solutions, empowering users to quickly and easily collect, model, normalize, cleanse, consolidate, enhance, analyze and distribute their entire data universe. It also allows them to optimize data quality, cost, administration, risk and governance, as well as meet regulatory expectations, accelerate the delivery of new products, and better operate and serve their clients.

NeoXam DataHub significantly helps financial institutions to:
  • Increase the quality, consistency and completeness of the data
  • Reduce operational risk and cost
  • Reduce time-to-market to handle new data and answer business demands
  • Speed up business processes and innovation
  • Simplify the information system
  • Ease the integration of new strategic business
  • Monitor, optimize and reduce the cost of data


NeoXam DataHub has been designed with the latest Java technology, with strong foundations in alignment with the latest industry best practices, and enjoys a fully multi-tier architecture.

At the root of NeoXam DataHub, a fully “Data-centric Application Design Environment” targeted at providing the highest degree of flexibility (data structure, behavior, user interfaces, connectivity, etc.), and a breakthrough time-to-delivery for developments, improvements and maintenance has been created.

NeoXam DataHub has been designed as a multi-tier technology, perfectly integrating into a SOA (Service-oriented Architecture), and provides a high degree of robustness, scalability (horizontally and vertically) and high-availability, with no hardware / RDBMS constraints.

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