White Paper – Data: An Invaluable Asset For Financial Institutions

In the current economic turmoil, the finance industry is under considerable pressure. While in its entirety, it must struggle with several aftereffects, e.g., inflation and decoupling of global supply chains, some market participants experience the additional burden of attempting to retain their profitability within this increasingly competitive landscape.

Amongst these, is the investment management industry, which is confronted with lower profitability compared to those attained in previous years. Even in pre-pandemic times, there has been a consensus in the industry, especially within small- and mid-size players, that a revision of their business model is essential not only for the sake of profitability, but also for securing their future presence in the market. Because, however, business model revisions are accompanied by lengthy and costly processes, it is imperative that the addressed participants make good use of time to face the challenges ahead and to develop strategies for turning these into competitive advantage.

This white paper explains why to meet these unprecedented challenges, it is essential to rely on the benefits of a wholistic Data Management solution.

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