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NeoXam GP4

Multilingual, Multi-jurisdictional, Real-time Investment Accounting and Reporting Software

Supporting the Back-office, NeoXam GP4 is an Investment Accounting and Reporting software for Financial Institutions, fully administrating all best practices and regulatory requirements specific to each locally supported market.

Responding to Your Investment Accounting Challenges


NeoXam GP4 Solution

A Modular Architecture: Core Accounting and Satellites

Client Portal

data and report dissemination

Data Warehouse

report optimization

Impress Regulatory Ed.

flexible regulatory reporting

Data Connector

connection to market data providers

NeoXam GP4

Core Accounting

Application Testing

automated regression testing

Exception Management

systematic controls by exceptions

Process Center

business process management

Digital Monitoring

S.L.A monitoring & benchmarking

Data Monitoring

data reconciliation

Powering Investment Accounting for Asset Servicers and Asset Owners

Collective Investment Schemes, UCITS, Including:

Alternative Investment Funds, AIF, Including:

Why NeoXam GP4?

Centralized Bookkeeping

Books workflow automated in one place, processed and monitored in real-time.

Global Capabilities with Local Expertise

Neoxam GP4, the Investment Accounting Solution, is a highly scalable, multi-business, multi-tenant, multi-regulation, multi-accounting standards consolidated in one place (IFRS, Local GAAP, etc.).

Customizable Workflow

Neoxam GP4 offers productivity and flexibility through automated processes, seamless integration to your data sources, and flexible workflows. Institutions will be free to direct extra resources where required, thanks to straightforward reporting, dashboards, and alerts managed by your teams.

Increase Data Quality

Systematic controls by exception with easy connectivity with many data providers.

Covering Multiple Jurisdictions With One Single Instance

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