Data Governance

Data Governance

NeoXam’s data management system enables users to prioritize suppliers and the selection of their data as needed, including at the issuer level. Derive and transform data to suit your needs. Double check critical or sensitive data prior to golden copy distribution to ensure data quality. Organize all these steps through customized workflows.

Key Benefits

Data security

To ensure data security and regulatory compliance requirements, you can precisely manage the data that each consumer can access while optimizing the use of your user bases thanks to SSO (e.g. Auth0 and SAML).

API standard

Take advantage of a ready-to-use API standard that comes with complete documentation to access a rich set of managed data domains without any configuration necessary, while enjoying a high level of security.

Custom export & API

For unique client specifications and for a rapid integration of new applications, use graphic mapping to create an API REST or any other export in the specified format, without needing to upgrade.

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