IBOR Data Domains

IBOR Data Domains

IBOR DataHub offers financial institutions flexible, complete management of your investment and accounting data such as transactions and orders, positions and exposures or securities transactions. By putting IBOR – Investment Book of Record – at the heart of your investment procedures, we have enriched, reliable data transmitted in real-time and reduce the complexity of your STP chain.

Key Benefits

Fully ready

Based on NeoXam’s expertise, IBOR covers all the main asset types as standard, including private markets. The set of pre-configured Data Domains allows you to focus on what you do best while reducing implementation time


IBOR data is installed with a set of standard connectors and has unrivalled data exposure or consumption capacity in real-time using API and endlessly configurable connectors.


All templates, business rules and screens are fully adaptable to fit your needs. Increase efficiency by reusing templates or enjoy the freedom of starting from scratch.

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