IBOR IT Free Extensible EDM

The IT Free Extensible EDM

NeoXam DataHub is based on a low-code platform that allows financial institutions to have full control, and make any changes necessary for their business. Its various screens allow users to create and modify data models, connectors, business rules, exports or workflows, etc. with just a mouse, and with no upgrades or software installation required.

You can modify or view an exposure calculation method or use an external calculation service directly in the application, making processing and calculations carried out for IBOR open, clear, and explainable.

Any changes made in NeoXam DataHub IBOR are applied in real-time without any interruption to service.

Key Benefits


NeoXam DataHub allows companies to manage and make changes to their IBOR independently, and stay in step with their needs


Data changes applied in real-time allow for greater agility, a faster updating process and to do away with migration projects, thus improving data quality.


All custom configurations (e.g. business-specific rules and data models) are stored in the database and therefore benefit from the same audit, traceability and security features, thereby ensuring an optimal control of your data infrastructure.

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