NeoXam Acquires 100M Digital Reporting Solution

From Data Management Review:

NeoXam has acquired two-year-old digital reporting specialist 100M and will develop its solution before introducing it to a selection of clients in 2019. The 100M Digital Reporting solution features fast analytics and data visualisation interfaces.

Clément Miglietti, cofounder and CEO of 100M, says: “Joining NeoXam will enable us to significantly accelerate our product and business development. We share the same vision, that the sector is heading towards more digital offerings, cloud applications and a new user experience. 100M’s products are currently at the end of the financial value chain. Collaborating with NeoXam will allow us to deploy our technology throughout the chain.”

Serge Delpla, CEO of NeoXam, adds: “We are always looking for new ways to keep our products innovative. One of our main goals is to ease the use of centralised data in our solution suite by enabling it to be coherent, user friendly and accessible. This value-added data will be visible instantly using the 100M technology, continuously allowing our clients – and theirs – to make intelligent decisions and follow all events in real time.”

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