NeoXam collaborates with ICE Data Services

From Asst Servicing Times:

NeoXam, a provider of financial data management and transaction software solutions, has integrated ICE Data Services’ pricing and reference data with its data hub.

The collaboration will allow NeoXam customers access to pricing, fixed income evaluated prices, reference data and corporate actions from ICE Data Services.

The data will be available through the NeoXam DataHub, which is a central repository and user-oriented data management tool used by asset managers, banks, institutional investors and other large asset servicers.

According to NeoXam, its data hub can normalise any kind of data to match the formatting needs of any size asset management firm or bank.

NeoXam will initially use ICE Data Services’ pricing and reference data, and additional data sets will be integrated into NeoXam DataHub in the future.

Florent Fabre, COO at NeoXam, said: “This collaboration couldn’t have come at a better time. Data management has always been important for financial institutions, but the rapid changes we’re seeing in global market structures make enterprise data management even more important now than in the past.”

Fabre continued: “By integrating ICE Data Services data into our platform, we’re able to bring another recognised data provider to our global client base.”

Anthony Belcher, head of ICE Data Services, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, commented: “With the evolving global financial services market, quality, real-time information and market data is more critical now than ever before.”

“As we continue to expand the distribution of our offering, working with companies like NeoXam, with their extensive reach into France and other European markets, helps us deliver a robust suite of services over an industry-standard platform,” Belcher added.

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