Position-Keeping System / Valuation Engine


The solution is suited for Portfolio Managers as well as Institutional Investors.

NeoXam IM solution computes in real-time positions using mark-to-market or mark-to-model valuation rules, applied to any instrument class held into position.

Cash management is key to anticipate investments. The solution manages cash forecasts, allowing fund managers or treasury officers to take the right decisions.

Positions are kept using average cost or FIFO. Unrealized and realized PL are computed.

FIFO stack is maintained for institutional investors and synchronized with NeoXam GP4.

Cutomizable dashboards allow portfolio managers to get all information needed to take the right investment decisions.

Key Benefits


Independant position-keeping and valuation engine, with pricing and risk policy definition based on multi-sources, multi-contributed asset quotes.

Valuation capabilities

Mark-to-market or mark-to-model valuation capability, with possible connection with pricing libraries.


Standard and customizable dashboarding capabilities to slice and dice portfolios’ positions on any possible criteria.

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