The Single Point of Truth of your investment data, provides a consistent and continuously up-to-date source for all your investment data.

A global real-time view of portfolios and forecasts

NeoXam IBOR provides buy-side organizations with trustworthy, real-time positions across asset classes and portfolios, centralizing all information into one continuously updated source. Positions and cash forecasts are available at any time of the day.

NeoXam IBOR: Key Benefits

NeoXam IBOR dramatically improves buy-side firms’ operating models in many ways

Risk and compliance

Operational risk under control – through automation, Risk and compliance – as IBOR is the go-to place for accurate positions, it is the natural source to feed risk, compliance and performance systems.


Independence, operational agility – IBOR reduces reliance on legacy systems by facilitating their replacement without impacting the incumbent, Scalability, paving the way for growth – eliminating the bottlenecks associated with manual processing, IBOR enables organizations to expand their business, in terms of geographical zones, asset classes or number of funds.

Data quality

Data quality, consistency, thoroughness – the key to informed investment decisions through a centralized, managed platform, Timeliness – everything happens in real-time, instead of batch processing

NeoXam IBOR: Key Features

NeoXam IBOR delivers real-time positions which cover the needs of even the most demanding organizations


Multi-asset classes – advanced instrument modelling capabilities and configurability enable users to support virtually any asset class, Multi-location – available 24 hours a day, as end-of-day processing is executed per geographical region. “Pass-the-book” trading is supported.

Powerful features for Investment Operations

Transaction lifecycle, Position lifecycle, Corporate actions, Reconciliation

Industry-leading data management

Data modelling, Business processes and workflows, Data enrichment, Data lineage and auditability, Analysis and operational reporting, Connectivity

Business Challenge

NeoXam IBOR is built with a data-centric approach, relying on NeoXam Data Hub – our powerful enterprise data management system. It therefore comes with built-in data quality features, golden copies, flexible workflows, as well as seamless connectivity to third party systems.

Market Challenge

Having accurate and timely position data from a single source allows investment teams to focus on their added-value business instead of wasting time gathering data from different sources. As such, IBOR dramatically improves organizations’ operating models and is a key component in a growth-oriented strategy.

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