Data Security

Data Security

With its powerful features including data masking, allowing sensitive data to be hidden, and full rights control, NeoXam DataHub gives you the power to control which users have access to what. And that’s not all, NeoXam DataHub also supports Single Sign On (SSO), which means you can take advantage of all benefits of centralized user management.

Key Benefits

Rights management

Rights can be managed at all levels of the hub for accessing data, down to the field and user levels, allowing for both high-level and field-by-field data access control, thus protecting data and ensuring that there is no unauthorized access.

Cost optimization

NeoXam DataHub is compatible with many SSO systems (e.g. LDAP, Auth0 and SAML), allowing you to reduce management costs thanks to easy integration with your company’s authentication system.

Native compatibility

Effective display mode and access right management means you can enjoy native compatibility with regulatory requirements simply by identifying which data is sensitive and who is authorized to access it.

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