NeoXam Front to Back

A single solution covering your entire Front-to-Back value chain.

One Solution for Front to Back

One-Stop Shop, fully Integrated Solution providing you with a complete set of functionalities, built around a very powerful Portfolio Management System. Whether you are a Portfolio Manager, Middle-Officer or Risk Manager, NeoXam Density helps you to focus on what matters the most: your business and clients.

One-Stop-Shop Portfolio Management System

Market Reference

Solution For ‘Hybrid’ Asset Managers, Mutual fund & Wealth Management, Mutual Fund & Private Equity


Unique Complete Front-to-Back Solution, with lightweight running costs


Implementation Speed, short Implementation Projects

Integrated Front to Back Position-Holding Solution

NeoXam Density is an integrated Front-to-Back position holding solution with the capability to address all your needs

Front-to-Back position holding

Stress-test scenarios definition and execution, Transparent analysis of your portfolios and models’ composition, risk or benchmarks, Easy to define new connectors with third party applications

Regulatory and statutory compliance engine

Pre- and post-trade compliance engine, Risk Management, Exposure and sensibility calculation (market, credit, change), CRM, Reporting

Data Management & Front-to-Back position holding

Real-Time Position-Keeping Capabilities, Aggregated Portfolio Positions and Valuations with Transparency Capabilities

Business Challenge

From customized decision support tools and modeling algorithms, to operational workflow management and automatic risk/compliance controls, you require cutting-edge solutions that are flexible enough to integrate within your current organization. As underlying data quality is also core to your efficiency, it is critical to ensure that timely and accurate data feeding and cleansing procedures are up and running at all times.

Market Challenge

Whatever investment type you are concentrating on, you will need secure and performant tools to ease your decision-making process and follow-up. Whether applying sophisticated benchmark replication techniques, implementing specific ‘alpha’ generating strategies, or dealing with complex OTC instruments, different portfolio management techniques require different tools. These tools must be consistent and reliable, and all work out of the same underlying data and processes to alleviate your operational tasks, thus enabling you to benefit from investment consistency and control across the board.

Latest insight

Based on your size, investment profiles and organization, we have the tailored solution for all of your portfolio management needs.

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A single solution covering your entire Front-to-Back value chain.