Operating a single accounting platform to streamline processes, better serve institutional clients and ensure regulatory compliance
The project was designed to regroup CACEIS’s various local accounting platforms within one single European platform thereby ensuring consistent processing across all portfolio structures. CACEIS also aimed to provide a new range of services to institutional clients governed by the codes of insurance, mutual insurance, and social security.
The delivered NeoXam GP 3 platform
This choice combined the robustness of a tried-and-tested solution with extensive functional and instrumental coverage, ranging from transferable securities to physical real estate assets. Considerable attention was paid to the quality and consistency of data in order to address the many reporting requirements surrounding the Solvency 2 Directive.

As well as providing core accounting and regulatory solutions, NeoXam GP3 improves efficiency and enriches the user experienceby offering features such as value added data around compliance and cross-checking of the consistency of valuations used in different processes.

NeoXam has also developed and added the square reconciliation, which consistently checks accounting data and provides a fast close, allowing institutional customers to close their accounts not only yearly, but at any time, to measure performance.

CACEIS’ largest clients were on boarded to the platform late last year, with the remainder being onboarded in the first quarter of this year and the solution being rolled out to about 1,000 users.
NeoXam as a partner
As Jean-Pierre Michalowski, Deputy CEO, CACEIS, highlighted it the “Collaboration of our respective teams was a partnership model.”

After only 14 months of project implementation, CACEIS indeed migrated its full legacy software to NeoXam GP3, thus demonstrating its ability to deliver projects on time and on budget, even the most complex ones.
“We selected NeoXam as we were rapidly convinced that they have the best market expertise and a state-of-the-art solution capable of achieving our current and future ambitions. Collaboration of our respective teams was a partnership model. We expected to have a new platform which would increase our efficiency and add value to our business, in order to better serve our clients. We achieved this target and we’re now ready to expand our business with a new offer, designed to address the most demanding requirements of the institutional market, as well as increasing regulatory pressure”.

Jean-Pierre Michalowski, Deputy CEO, CACEIS