Why join NeoXam


Convivial, constructive and long-lasting relationships

We are committed to attract and retain the best people in the common interest of the group, its staff and its partners/clients. By joining NeoXam, you will discover our team’s conviviality which is the driving force of NeoXam’s success.

We enable financial institutions to grow !

NeoXam designs and develops software solutions for asset management and capital markets firms. We ensure that the entire financial value chain is covered from front to back: portfolio management, investment accounting, as well as data management. Through its combined talents, collaborative approach and its Digital Lab, NeoXam helps the buy & sell side to address the multiple challenges of the global financial market community, better serve their clients and grow. Come and boost your career in an international company that will enable you to grow thanks to its synergies and innovations, as well as its development and global mobility policies!

A wide range of activities

  • International financial software editor
  • A unique operating Suite: Reporting, Investment Management & Accounting, Data Management
  • + 10.000 users in +25 client countries
  • +15 trillion dollars daily processed

A variety of technologies & technical challenges

  • Half of the company is R&D
  • A UX first approach
  • A Digital and Innovation Lab
  • We are Cloud friendly
  • CI/CD everywhere

A worldwide presence

  • +500 employees, 14 offices, 10 countries, 4 continents
  • HQ in the heart of Paris with a +250-strong team

Developing our Human Capital

  • Strong Training & Development expertise: +6k hours of training in France in 2015, 45% of our training sessions are conducted by NeoXam employees
  • Diverse synergies and career paths to facilitate geographical, functional or product-oriented mobility

A new & growing company

  • Creation in 2014, 6 years young
  • +40% financial turnover
  • +200 new colleagues

Our values

Our values encompass both our solutions and our commitments, and also apply to our staff’s attitude: Adaptability, Reliability & Transparency.

  • Adaptability: being open-minded, flexible and agile, enabling the fulfillment of various obligations, requests and changes both internally and externally. Curiosity is a much appreciated quality at NeoXam and will enable you to be efficient and grow within our organization and within your role.
  • Reliability: daily commitment to ensure stable production, on time and on budget
  • Transparency: integrity, team spirit and full transparency for building a healthy and long-lasting relationship both internally and externally

As the basis for achieving these values, we add Expertise, Experience and Excellence.

Career Development

“Our staff is our strongest asset for NeoXam’s innovation and development. This is the reason why we are attentive to their development and growth” –
Isabelle Bonnaud, Human Resources Manager

Build your career path

Throughout your career within our group, we will provide several training programs in correlation with your profile and needs.

Our induction, performance and career development meetings will enable us to review your skills and projects. Outside of these valuable discussions, we remain available to each team member, and encourage you to be active in your professional development.

We are looking for all types of personalities who are eager to be a part of a truly ambitious business project. Being a vibrant, mid-sized company, adaptability and taking initiative are the skills we seek and valorize.

Our employees work on projects until their completion. Our goal is therefore for them to have a complete picture of their mission, role and those of our clients. Our wide range of technologies and the complexity of our projects provided by our clients create challenges that our teams enjoy resolving together, in France and internationally. This momentum is an ideal tool for providing diverse career paths and opportunities.

Flexibility & Innovation

Our forward and global mindset drives us to be proactive, agile and at the cutting-edge of technology and market trends.

In this context, we want our staff to thrive. With this pragmatic approach in mind, we are open to new and flexible ways of working, such as working from home and providing high-quality communications tools for working with colleagues remotely. We believe that offering our trust and quality working conditions to our staff will enhance their career growth and dedication.

NeoXam is growing outside of Europe’s borders, particularly in North America and Asia. If you would like to work abroad, global mobility is a real possibility. It is therefore important to us that our staff is at ease in an international environment and that they have a high English level, for all job roles within the group. Knowledge of a third language is an advantage.

Diversity & Inclusion


NeoXam is proud of its diverse and inclusive workforce and considers this to be a strategic advantage.

  • +20 different nationalities, ethnic origins and languages co-exist in our offices.
  • 57% of females were hired worldwide in 2020. We are proud to say that we scored 89 points out of 100 in gender equality in France in 2022. This score is based on the Gender Equality Index calculated using 4 criteria related to remuneration.
  • The details of the score are as follows: Indicator 1 – pay gap (in %): 39/40; Indicator 2 – individual increase gaps (in % points): 35/35 ; Indicator 3 – percentage of employees receiving a raise after returning from maternity leave (%): 15/15 ; Indicator 4 – number of employees of the under-represented gender in the top 10: 0/10.
  • This number, significantly above the required minimum of 75 points, testifies the Group’s long-standing commitment to professional equality between women and men.
  • NeoXam is Handi-capable! Over the past few years, we have been organizing internal events to raise awareness and demystify disability at work. We also rely on an external agency allowing confidentiality to help people with visible or invisible disabilities.

We constantly cultivate a corporate culture in which people from different backgrounds have equal opportunities for success, limited only by their ambition, skills and personal efforts.
All our job opportunities are open to candidates regardless of origin, race, gender, religion, disability, opinion or sexual orientation.